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In my previous post, I attempted to offer an additional perspective to the current torrent of outrage resulting from the illegal killing of a lion named Cecil.  Just one day following my marginal effort, an editorial appeared in the pages of The Minneapolis StarTribune newspaper, a personal statement which dramatically and elegantly said what I … Continue reading The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Part 2
For Cecil, the suddenly world-famous lion who was illegally shot and killed this week, rest has come suddenly and brutally at the hands of his greatest enemy, man.  Having survived epic battles with major rivals and subsequently establishing his own pride of some 22 members, the lion sleeps tonight, no longer part of this complex … Continue reading The Lion Sleeps Tonight
There was another shooting last week, this time in Louisiana.  The location doesn’t really matter, though, as these random acts of violence can and do occur anywhere and at any time.  Strictly by the number, this one wasn’t too bad: “only” two dead, plus the gunman and we don’t seem to count the shooters much. … Continue reading Violent Disguise
I’m reading a book referred to me by my colleague, one which tends to affirm my own experiences in organizational strengthening.  In it, organizational methodologies such as open book management, transparency, broad participation, continuous improvement and other member-centric initiatives are presented as elements to make organizations stronger, better-performing and more stable.  (I seem to like writings … Continue reading Veritas
The Geo-strategic vision moves mountains René Mendoza Vidaurre There was a long drought. The harvest dried up. The leaves on the grapevines turned black. The town went hungry, like fish thrown on the side of the river, drowning without air. There was a man with a smile and a contagious joy. A group came up to him and … Continue reading The Geo-strategic vision moves mountains
Towards intelligent farming René Mendoza Vidaurre and Edgar Fernández Talking about innovation is in style. It tends to be presented as an accumulation of useful things for the market, defining it as resulting from the economy and as a matter of engineering, without responding to the question of the why and for what end these … Continue reading Towards intelligent farming
  The leap of the century, the challenge of the municipality of Palacagüina René Mendoza, Edgar Fernández and Ramón García * The dogs in the village of Riito in the municipality of Palacagüina, on hearing the noise of a motor, come out barking wildly in pursuit of the vehicle; when they finally reach it , … Continue reading The leap of the century, the challenge of the municipality of Palacagüina

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